clean chai


The consistent support of 50,000 Indians like you got 4 leading tea companies to say yes to pesticide-free tea.

We now have 4 big companies - Tata, Unilever, Wagh Bakri and Girnar - who have said yes to pesticide-free tea! Together, these companies hold 61% of the market share for tea in India. This is an indication that the tea sector recognizes the urgent need to provide their consumers with pesticide-free chai!

Now that’s real hope.

This year, on World Food Day, Greenpeace India has launched a new report that showcases clean and sustainable ways of cultivating tea: Hope Brewing - Kotagiri to Kachibari: Case Studies on Ecological Tea Cultivation.

Now isn't that inspiring? Let's embrace and encourage pesticide-free cultivation practices.

But this is just the beginning! There’s still a long road ahead.

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